Mediatonic is a British independent games developer, based in London and Brighton. Our team of over one hundred designers, artists, and engineers have been making games for more than a decade, including Heavenstrike Rivals, Foul Play, and the Amateur Surgeon series.

We create original games that entertain millions around the world with solid gameplay and humour, and we’re thrilled to be working on Fable Fortune. Our mums are very proud of us.


flaming foWl studios

Flaming Fowl Studios is a brand new indie games studio, rising from the ashes of the renowned Lionhead Studios. We have over fifty years of combined game development experience and have previously worked on games such as the original Fable trilogy and The Movies.

Our goal is to create experiences that resonate with fans of Lionhead and Bullfrog: deep and interesting strategic experiences with fascinating twists, with a healthy dose of humour.

Together, we’ve set out to bring new life to the Fable universe, armed with years of industry experience, an intimate knowledge of the series, and a bottomless arsenal of bum jokes.