CRafting & Fancy Cards

Fable Fortune’s crafting system might feel familiar in some ways to any CCG (collectible card game) veterans, but there’s also some new features designed to help you complete your collection a little faster. For anyone new to CCGs, consider this your one-stop guide for everything about crafting cards!



Let’s start with the real basics: what is crafting? Crafting is a feature that allows you to create any card that you could find in a card pack - specific cards too, no hoping to get lucky by opening it in a card pack! Crafting a card requires Ink, and each rarity of cards requires a certain amount of Ink to craft, these values are:

Common: 40

Rare: 100

Epic: 300

Mythic: 600

Fabled: 1,600


Ink & Salvaging

Ink is mostly gained through salvaging other cards, although it may also be obtainable through events and other rewards. Salvaging a card requires you to own the card already, and can be accomplished by inspecting the card (by right-clicking) in your collection, choosing “Salvage”, and then selecting the number of that card you wish to salvage. Once you have salvaged a card, that card is gone forever, so be careful when deciding to salvage cards! However, in return, you will receive an amount of ink relative to the card’s rarity. The ink salvage value for rarities are:

Common: 5

Rare: 10

Epic: 50

Mythic: 100

Fabled: 400

So, when should you salvage cards? Decks in Fortune can have 2 copies of non-Fabled cards, and no more than 1 of the same Fabled card. This means that any card you open from a pack that makes you exceed these numbers for a single card is salvage-worthy. For example, if you open your 3rd copy of Colin Mk 2, an Epic card, you do not need any more than 2 copies, therefore you can comfortably salvage this excess copy in your collection and gain some Ink! 50 ink, to be exact.


Let’s say you happen to have another Epic card you have no use for, and decide to also salvage that as well; you are now in possession of 100 ink! But hey, you know what card would be really cool for your Last Laugh Gravedigger deck? Cursed Warrior, a Rare card that you currently do not own any copies of - but now you do have enough Ink to craft it!


There is a button in the collection manager near the bottom-right of the screen titled “Craft Cards”, clicking this will put you into crafting mode, and here you can view every card available to own in the game. So, you’re after a Cursed Warrior, which you can find using the handy search bar and entering the name of the card. Once it appears in the search results, right-clicking it will bring up the card inspection view.


Selecting “Craft” here will move to the crafting screen, where there’s 4 Crafting Items on the left-hand side (we’ll be covering these shortly!), the card itself on the right-hand side, with a “Craft” button underneath it.

Selecting “Craft” will spend 100 ink to create your first copy of Cursed Warrior!

Fancy Cards

Fancy cards are rare versions of cards in game that do indeed look incredibly fancy. You can obtain Fancy cards from card packs, event rewards and levelling up your Heroes, where they’ll be added to your collection. Although harder to come across, Fancy cards do have the added bonus of salvaging for significantly higher amounts of ink, compared to their non-Fancy versions. In fact, salvaging a Fancy card earns you enough ink to craft any non-Fancy card of the same rarity!


For their increased rarity and higher salvage rates, Fancy cards are that much harder to craft with ink - so be careful when crafting fancy versions of cards! Although, some days, you just need to feel Fancy... No one could blame you for blowing all your ink on a Fancy Feral Squirrel…


Crafting items

Crafting items are special resources to the crafting process, which can reduce the ink cost of crafting a card by a significant amount - in fact, each item you put towards crafting a card reduces the ink cost by 25%! Each card had 4 crafting items associated with it, which means if you have 1 of each of the 4 crafting items required for a card, you can craft the card for no ink cost at all!


You can mix and match ink and crafting items when crafting a card, meaning if you have 2 items needed to craft a Fabled card, you can use those 2 items plus an additional 800 ink to craft it - compared to the 1,600 ink it would’ve cost without having the crafting items!


Crafting items are mostly obtained from events, such as competing in the PVP Leagues, Hero League and Co-op Bosses, and may also be attainable via other methods in the future!