SPECIAL PVP EVENT - 12-16th April


Hello Heroes!

This weekend, we're excited to be adding a new type of event and offering DOUBLE EXP across all modes.

In addition to the weekly co-op rotation and monthly PVP league we are also going to debut limited run PVP events with special rules.

We’re hoping these special rules will subvert the expected conventions of the game, bring unusual playstyles to the surface and generally be a fun change of pace! (It also gives us a chance to get very silly - something we ALWAYS appreciate…)

Additionally, securing a victory under these rulesets will award a specific thematically relevant reward card.

We have several of these rule bending experiences lined up throughout April, but we’re kicking things off this very weekend - April 12th through until April 16th.

And what is the first theme, you ask?

As many of you may have noticed in our card art, we're suckers for a good moustache so how best to celebrate that...?




Our first PVP event with a special rule bestows an extra +2/+2 buff on any unit with a moustache upon hitting the board. The hairy action is all taking place in the bristly hallows of Rosewood.

The units endowed with suitable facial fuzz to qualify was a topic of much debate amongst the dev team, but after lines were drawn in the sand and friendships ended we have settled on the following eligible units:

  • Huckster

  • Royal Fool

  • Ferryman

  • Shopkeeper

  • Rookridge Butcher

  • Bloodstone Blackguard

  • Bowerstone Sheriff

  • Caravan Leader

  • Arena Commentator

  • Barman

  • Bouncer

  • Lord of Bower Lake

  • Sir Walter

  • Stampeding Fans

  • Prison Jailer

  • The Guildmaster

  • Twinblade

  • Commanding Officer

  • Bounty Hunter

  • Prison Warden

  • Prison Executioner

  • Inside Trader

  • Bowerstone Guard

  • Caravan Guard

  • Royal Tactician

  • Sergeant of the Shovel

  • Standard Bearer

  • Veteran Battler

  • Pale Commander

  • Rebel

  • Lousy Crossbowman

  • Blacksmith

  • Double Agent

  • Lord of Wraithmarsh

  • Abbot of Avo

  • Shroud

  • Wise Spellweaver

Secure a victory with your hairy faced battalion to secure a copy of the card ‘Royal Tactician’ in all his moustache twiddling glory.


Watch this space for announcements on the forthcoming events in more detail!

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter.

1.0.2 Balance Update Notes


Hello, Heroes!

It’s nearing the end of the season! How are you faring in Crowd Pleasers?

Today we’re bringing you an end-of-season balance update. Overall we feel balance was relatively good across the board, with a few outliers. Merchant was the heavy-weight this time round, and we’re taking a few measures towards bringing him down a notch, as well as giving a bit of love to the Knight, who we felt was arguably one of the weaker Heroes this season.

Next season we’ll be venturing to the PVP debut of Fairfax Castle! Make sure to pack your best Big Entrance units, non-damaging spells and Hero-specific cards for the quests.

Also we’d like to note, as we've been adding more PVP arenas, Co-Op bosses and Heroic Tales to the game, we've become aware a lot of our users are finding 8 custom deck slots quite restrictive. This is something we're working on for the next update, so watch this space - we hope to have news for you on this and other changes to the game in the coming weeks.

All non-Basic cards that received changes with this balance update will be subject to their full salvage value for the next 2 weeks.

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

New Upcoming PVP Reward Card:

Caw, caw!

Say hello to your next brand new card, coming in hot with the next PVP season! Carrion Caller summons a 1/1 Crow every time you play a spell, and has the bonus aura effect of providing all of your Crows with +1/+1. These are the same Crows that Scarecrow produces, so… did someone say Crow deck?!

New Card:

  • Carrion Caller - 6g, 4/6, “After you play a spell, summon a 1/1 Crow. Your Crows have +1/+1.”

Card & Balance Changes:


So… much… healing…

Let’s talk Neutral healing and defences for a minute. Fortune already offers each Hero the access to Guard a unit each turn, on top of their own Hero-specific defensive options. There’s historically been a lot of very strong healing cards in Neutral, which can lead to slow games and some Heroes being able to combo this with their already strong defensive-suite. We don’t want Fortune games to feel like slog-fests - unless you happen to be playing control vs. control, then you’re in it for the long run, probably.

With this in mind, we’re hitting 2 particularly strong Neutral healing cards with this update: Voice of Avo, and Logan. Voice of Avo can provide up to a whopping 9 points of healing - that’s 18 points of healing across 2 copies of her, over half your total health. We like the ability, and that the number of cards in your hand matter, so we’re keeping the effect, but you can only target units with her now, and no longer Heroes. Logan we’re only hitting slightly, reducing his heal from 10 points of healing to 8. Logan is still an extremely versatile Fabled card, and we’re sure he will continue to be a strong pick.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Neutral defensive options in the upcoming balance updates, as we continue to assess the state of the metagame.

Card changes:

  • Logan - Royal Decree: Field Surgeons now heals your Hero for 8, down from 10.
  • Voice of Avo - Now costs 2g, ability now reads: “Big Entrance: Heal another unit for 1 for each card in your hand.”


Back from training, better and stronger

We reworked a large chunk of the Knight cards in Early Access, and we’ve been assessing it closely since then. We now feel like we’ve got a good grip on their strengths and weaknesses, so let’s cover what we’re changing today. Firstly, the Evil Knight Hero power has a lot of potential, but is often out-shined by the Good Hero Power. We compared it to other Heroes and felt that it was lacking in terms of raw stats-for-Gold trade off, so we’re increasing the Health of Peasants summoned by the Evil Hero Power to 2; you’ll now summon and Train a 1/2 Peasant. This is a base Health buff, so it cannot be silenced away. This should help them stick around a lot easier, which is something cards like Boardoazer and Vigilante Justice might appreciate a lot.

Next up is Puncture. The current design of Puncture is clunky (especially for a basic card), and although it promotes using Peasants effectively (similarly to Wild Swing), dealing only 2 damage feels terrible, knowing that you could be dealing 4 damage. But it feels like you have to jump through a lot of hoops for your basic removal spell to be any bit effective. No other Hero really suffers like this, so we’re actually reverting Puncture to its pre-rework state. This should help Marshall’s early game quite a bit, well as his single-target removal in general.

Which brings us nicely onto Ride Them Down. This is a unique kind of spell, in that it’s a potentially multi-target destroy spell that only targets enemy units. We erred on the side of caution with this spell initially, but we’re going to give it a bit of love today by lowering its cost.

Card changes:

  • Conscription - The Peasant summoned from the Evil Hero Power now has 2 Health, up from 1.
  • Puncture - Redesigned to 3g, “Deal 4 damage to an enemy unit.”
  • Ride Them Down - Cost reduced from 5g to 4g.


Anchors down a bit there, Barter

The Merchant sailed out full-speed ahead in our first post-Early Access season, and although it’s great to see the Merchant performing well (would you believe it didn’t, once upon a time?), a couple of his cards are on the higher end of the power curve. The loss of healing from Voice of Avo and the reduced healing from Logan should slow Barter down a bit from gaining large amounts of life while stalling with his great defensive options.

Horn of the Deep, for being one of the most singularly-powerful effects in the game, just comes out a bit too early. This spell should feel extremely impactful and meaningful in not only when to play the card, but also whether or not to include such an effect in your deck in the first place. Right now, it’s just too aggressively costed to not warrant running 2 copies in most decks, and using them quite early on in the battle. The Invest cost is going up from +6 to +8, meaning it’ll now cost you 10 Gold to fully clear the board.

The Art of the Deal should enable some cool self-bouncing strategies, but as with Horn of the Deep, it’s a bit too undercosted, as well as being very effective at slowing down your opponent. Upping its cost slightly should reduce the overall amount of things Merchant players can do in a single turn.

There’s been concerns about some other cards Merchant has access to, and we will be keeping an eye on Barter, but for now we’ll see how the Neutral healing and these changes affect him.

Card changes:

  • Horn of the Deep - Invest cost increased from (+6) to (+8).
  • The Art of the Deal - Cost increased from 2g to 3g.

1.0.1 Balance Update Patch Notes


Hello, Heroes!

Today we’re bringing you a small patch, but it’s something we’ve been excited to share that didn’t quite make it in for the 1.0 patch: we’ve redesigned Spire Commandant and Colin Mk 2! Fret not, Colin hasn’t changed too much; but Spire Commandant is definitely more shocking now.

As a reminder, starting today you can earn double Silver until Monday! So don’t let us stop you; go play some games, earn some Silver, and buy lots of packs! With any chance you’ll get one of the 2 aforementioned cards to play around with...

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Our dev roadmap also has a list of upcoming features.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Card & Balance Changes


Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

We’ve always wanted Spire Commandant to be a super cool, lightning bolt, spell-slinging Fabled card, with a payoff for playing lots of spells, however, previous designs never quite hit the power point we were looking for. Spire Commandant now stores up energy for each spell played by any player, unleashing a fury of lightning bolts upon death based on the number of spells played while he was in play. Playing with Spire Commandant should encourage you to get as many spells off as possible in a single turn, whereas playing against him you’ll want to try and destroy him by playing as few spells as you can - preferably destroying him with units. We think that the new Spire Commandant is a very cool card for both players in a game to play around with.

Colin Mk 2 is a decent card, but often the minutiae of all rules and circumstances around its shifting Strength made it pretty confusing. Ultimately, we want Colin to be a great payoff card for players looking to keep as many cards in their hand as possible, and straightforward for all players to understand easily, so we’ve shifted the ability to be a Big Entrance, gaining Strength for each card in your hand when he’s played as a permanent buff effect. The tradeoff comes with losing 1 point of health, but we anticipate Colin will still be a great inclusion (perhaps even better now) for the decks that are looking to maximise the number of cards in their hand.

Both of these cards will be subject to their full salvage value for the next 2 weeks.

Card changes:

  • Colin Mk 2 - Redesigned to 5g, 0/6, “Big Entrance: Gain +1 Strength for each card in your hand.”
  • Spire Commandant - Redesigned to 8g, 7/7, “Last Laugh: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy. Repeat for each spell played while this was in play.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fancy Crowd’s Favourite now correctly gains +5/+5 when you have 5 other units in play.

Known Issues:

  • Most known issues can be found in the previous v1.0 patch notes.
  • There are some situations where Theresa’s aura does not work as intended. We’re looking into a fix to ensure she remains a force to be reckoned with.

Fable Fortune v1.0 - Free to Play!


Hello, Heroes!

Today is a big day, as Fable Fortune globally launches as a free-to-play game! It’s been quite journey over the last 7 months, we’ve come a long way, and working closely with you, the community, we feel like the game has improved immeasurably.

This is quite the update as well, we’re bringing you a sparkly new deck helper for anyone struggling with ideas for decks, or just needs a push in the right direction; Achievements; co-op voice chat for Xbox players; new cards; and a whole lot of events and special rewards to celebrate the game launching. Fairfax Castle will be making an appearance as a brand new location in the new Heroic Tales adventure, and will be coming to a PVP season soon.

In terms of balance changes, we’re looking to reduce the tempo swing a lot of low cost cards can achieve, by increasing their cost and therefore reducing how much more you can do on that same turn. In particular Sand and Temple are guilty here, having access to some very cheap, very efficient removal spells. A couple of Mythics are getting some love with this update as well and we look forward to seeing what players do with their newfound power.

For new players who may be unaware, whenever we make balance changes to non-Basic cards, you may salvage those cards for 100% of their crafting cost for 2 weeks after the changes.

[IMPORTANT NOTE:] The Starter Bundle may take some time to start behaving for users on all platforms. It should be priced at £9.99/$12.99/€11,49 but may not show up as available for purchase.
We expect this to be resolved by February 23rd at latest, sorry for the inconvenience!

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Our dev roadmap[www.fable-fortune.com] also has a list of upcoming features.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Free-to-Play & Launch Events:


After 7 months of Early Access, Fable Fortune is ready to leave and make the jump to free-to-play, in our version 1.0 update! To celebrate, we’ve got a bunch of exciting events happening over the next couple of weeks! Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

Many Happy Returns!
Duration: Thursday 22nd February - Saturday 3rd March
Log in each day to receive a card pack!

Double XP
Duration: Thursday 22nd February - Thursday 1st March
All players will receive double experience towards Hero levels for games played!

Wild Cards
Duration: Friday 23rd February - Monday 26th February
A special celebration Co-Op Boss, available only during this limited time. This event has 6 brand new spells to be won - one per Hero. These cards will be added to regular card packs after the event finishes.

Rebel, Rebel
Duration: Thursday 22nd February - Thursday 1st March
Log in at any time during this event to receive a brand new Epic card - Renegade Leader! Renegade Leader is also available in packs now.

Double Silver
Duration: Friday 2nd March - Monday 5th March
We understand that as the Double XP event ends, you’ll be sad and wanting more - who wouldn’t? How does a long weekend of double Silver sound? For those who don’t know, Silver is the currency you can earn from battling and rewards to spend on card packs. So get playing, and get to busting open card packs!

Starter Bundle:

That sure is one fancy Boot!

Introducing the Starter Bundle, the perfect bundle for you to start your collection! Purchase one of these beauties, and you’ll be getting a better deal than even Barter or Miracle could produce. The Starter Bundle will be available to all players, new or veteran, so be sure to claim the game’s first Fancy Trophy! Here’s what you will find inside:

  • Fabled Jack of Blades card
  • Fancy Trophy card: The Boot (exclusive to the Starter Bundle)
  • 20 Card Packs (guarantees at least 2 Mythic cards, and at least 1 Fabled card - excluding the Jack of Blades card included in this bundle)


Deck Helper:

Stuck on ideas for decks? We’ve got you covered.

For many Fable fans, this may well be their first card game! Building a deck can be a daunting task, so we’ve rejigged the deck building screen to include a few deck lists for each Hero, to get you in the right direction for how to construct a deck and also how to play that deck. The list will point out any cards you are missing, and if you choose to proceed with that deck, you will start deck building with as many cards from the deck list as possible that you own.

Each Hero’s Basic Deck is also an option, for players who have been enjoying what they have been playing with to start with, but have identified some of the weaker cards and would like to replace them with some cards they might have opened in packs.

  • This Looks Sweet! - Stuck on what deck to build? Pick a pre-built deck list and edit from there.
  • But I Don’t Know What I’m Building Yet… - You will no longer be prompted to name your deck as you pick a Hero. You can still rename decks while building them, and viewing all of your decks.



A solid metric to silently judge your fellow Heroes by.

Achievements are now in the game for Xbox! You can now boast to your friends about how much of a higher achievement score you have than them and you should! 

  • Achievement Unlocked: Achievements - Xbox players can all gain Achievements.
    The objectives will start being contributed towards once the game goes free to play so everyone will be starting from an even playing field.

Xbox One: Co-Op Voice Chat:

“Hello, Crimson, do you copy?” “Not really, I’m more about dealing damage.”

In Co-Op battles when both players are using Xbox One, you and your partner can now talk to each other via in-game voice communication! The ping system is very helpful, but sometimes you just need to get across some actual words to your partner, to take your strategy game to the next level. Fear not! For those who would rather not use this feature, you can turn voice communications off globally from the Options menu.

  • Talk It Over - Xbox One players can now communicate using the in-game voice chat. You can disable this in the Options menu.


New Cards:

Cards… Lots of cards.

Well now, this is exciting! We’ve got a bunch of new cards going straight into this update, and there are some familiar, powerful faces here. Let’s get right into it with the new Fabled cards:

  • Theresa - 10g, 5/5, “All other units are 1/1s.”
  • Jasper - 4g, 4/2, “Big Entrance: Create an ability for Jasper.”
  • Hammer - 5g, 5/5, “After Hammer damages your opponent, give another friendly unit her Strength this turn.”
  • Scythe - 5g, 10/10, “All other units have 1 Strength and Health.”
  • Hobbe Mob - 6g, 0/8, “After you summon a Hobbe, add another random Hobbe to your hand and reduce this unit's Health by 1.”
  • Captain Dread - 9g, 7/6, “Last Laugh: Set ALL players' maximum Gold to 15.”
  • Puck - 2g, 1/1, “After you play a spell while this is in your hand or in play, gain +1/+1.”

As aforementioned, we’re also releasing 6 new spells through the bonus Boss this weekend - 1 for each Hero. Here they are:

  • Alchemist: Pitcher of Ogre Slobber - 3g, “Give all friendly units on the board and in your hand +1/+1.”
  • Gravedigger: Charge to the Grave - 3g, “Transform your units into 1/1 Crumbling Corpses. They have Rush and die at the end of the turn.”
  • Knight: Good As New - 2g, “Add a copy of each of your damaged units to your hand.”
  • Merchant: Counterfeit Deal - 6g, “Summon a copy of a unit. Silence the original unit.”
  • Prophet: Recharge - 2g, “Deal 1 damage to all units and heal your Hero for that much.”
  • Shapeshifter: Track Prey - 2g, “Reduce the cost of Balverines in your hand by the number of damaged enemies.”

And finally, 2 new Neutral cards. Renegade Leader can be obtained for free by logging in during the first week of the Free-to-Play launch; Angry Protester is our first PVP Season reward. Starting now, each new PVP season we will be releasing a new Neutral card - these are easily attainable by playing against other players in PVP! Here are the cards:

  • Renegade Leader - 2g, 2/3, “After any player plays a spell, deal 2 damage to their Hero.”
  • Angry Protester - 2g, 2/3, “Units with 5 or more Health can't Guard the turn they are played.”


Heroic Tales: Gravedigger:

Temple & Norman are in for a truly grave adventure.

Join Temple as she works with her great-grandfather’s skull to recover a powerful tome which may have fallen into the wrong hands. With such power at stake, it is imperative that Temple and Norman find it; and absolutely not because Norman is hatching a nefarious plan to regain his fearsome powers again. Not at all. Shame on you for even thinking it. Honestly.

We’ve also updated the art of the Heroic Tales button!

  • No More Bone-Idling - Play as Temple in Heroic Tales! (You can play Heroic Tales in any order.)


New Location: Fairfax Castle:

Logan’s very throne room becomes a battlefield!

Although Fairfax won’t be our PVP location for this month, you will be able to get a taste of our brand-new location in Heroic Tales, in the first battle of Temple’s story. We’ll make sure you get to play in this royal location soon, but for now, here are the quests and quest reward cards:

  • Quest 1 - Play 3 units with a Big Entrance.
  • Quest 2 - Play 2 non-damaging spells.
  • Quest 3 - Spend 12/18/24 Gold on non-Neutral cards and powers.
  • Quest Reward 1: Grand Opening - 12g, “Fill your with board 1/1 Barmaids. Cost decreases by 1 at the start of your turn.
  • Quest Reward 2: Seize Them! - 3g, “Deal 1 damage to an enemy unit not in Guard. It gains Guard.”
  • Quest Reward 3: For Better or Worse - 2g, “Heal a character for 5 or deal 5 damage.”


Crash Fixes:

Hm, upgrades.

This is a big update all around, and although a lot of that is visible in the game itself, there’s been a lot of under-the-hood improvements too. We’ve had an engine update and there’s been big performance improvements across all platforms. Players should see an increase in overall stability relating to any hard crashes or freezing.

  • Strong Foundations - Lots of stability and general game engine improvements.

New Sounds & Visual Effects:

Ooooh… aahhhh!

This slipped through the patch notes last update, so we’re bringing it to light here! We’ve added a bunch of new sound effects and music to the game (notably on the end of battle results), so now you can hum along with the victory or defeat tune after every battle.

We’ve also added some new VFX to spells and abilities, as well as going back over some older units and updating their VFX to better match their ability.

  • Fanfare - A different tune will play depending on the outcome of your battle.
  • Eye Candy - Added new VFX for various cards and updated the VFX for some older units and spells.

Deck States:

Aaand I’m outta cards.

Decks now correctly visually update as players draw cards from their deck. There is a minor visual error with this when the player draws their very last card, which is that the deck will still show one card remaining until the start of their next turn, at which point it will disappear. We will try to correct this problem soon!

  • Counting Cards - Decks now visually display how far through both players are.


Card & Balance Changes:



Necroblast is arguably one of the best removal spells in the game - for 2 gold you can deal up to 5 damage. We’re increasing its cost to be more in line with other removal spells that deal a similar amount of damage.

Card changes:

  • Necroblast - Gold cost increased from 2 to 3.


Walk it off, mate.

Knight had a small theme of caring about units with 1 Strength, and although this works nicely with Peasants, Self-Defence Training was not a very strong card to be pairing with 1 Strength units. Along with their upcoming new spell, Good As New, we're giving the newer, beefier Knight units a new tool to play with, with both cards caring about having damaged units.

Card changes:

  • Self-Defence Training - Redesigned to: 3g, "Give your damaged units Deflect."


Increased Gold costs go directly towards the cause.

Sand has some extremely high tempo plays in the first couple of turns, with Blaze of Glory giving you the opportunity to favourably trade and fully heal a unit, being able to then remove that unit becomes a seemingly insurmountable feat. Smite the Cynic was undercosted at only 1 gold - the permanent Strength reduction is incredibly strong, and similarly to Blaze of Glory, allows for some extremely efficient trades to be made. Sand will now have to invest a little more Gold into these efficient trades.

Card changes:

  • Blaze of Glory - Gold cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • Smite the Cynic - Gold cost increased from 1 to 2.



Nerfs? *Howls in despair*

Howl of Despair is a fantastic tool for slowing down your opponent, however, following that up with a strong unit or 2 with your remaining 7 gold can feel like you just took an extra turn. We’re tuning its cost up by 1 gold, which should keep its utility, while increasing its drawback ever so slightly. On the plus side, while Oakfield is the location you’re playing in, Crimson now has another spell that counts towards the “Play Spells that cost 4 or more” quest!

Card changes:

  • Howl of Despair - Gold cost increased from 3 to 4.



Go big or go home.

There’s a couple of things to talk about here. Let’s start with the Mythics being buffed. Corrupted Spellblade can now target any unit, as opposed to only Hollow Men, which should make it a much more appealing option for a wider array of decks; Earth Troll is bringing all the 7s, by now being a 7g 7/7, and its ability now deals a whopping 5 damage if you meet the requirement.

Frightblade Stalker is a card that sees a lot of play in many decks, able to provide a huge tempo swing. While we think the card is a cool tech option, it’s currently just a bit too accessible and finds its way into most decks. We’re increasing its Gold cost by 1, so now you may have to consider a bit more carefully whether or not your deck needs the effect.

Cullis Master has, for a while, been a problematic card for us. It’s a very cheap card and can provide you the ability to cycle powerful Big Entrance effects again and again, which can be incredibly frustrating to play against. We decided it was a bigger problem when we found ourselves asking “Yeah, but what about when paired with Cullis Master?” for a lot of Big Entrance effects we designed. In the end we decided the problem lay with Cullis Master, and we didn’t want a single card to hold us back from making cool, new Big Entrance effects. He has the same ability, but is now a 4g 4/4, meaning a much larger chunk of your turn has to be dedicated to pulling off Big Entrance-Cullis Master combos.

Card changes:

  • Corrupted Spellblade - Can now target any friendly unit, not only Hollow Men.
  • Cullis Master - Now costs 4 Gold, has 4 Strength and 4 Health, changed from 2 gold, 2 Strength, 3 Health.
  • Earth Troll - Gold cost reduced from 8 to 7. Now deals 5 damage if you control a unit with 7 or more Strength, up from 3 damage.
  • Frightblade Stalker - Gold cost increased from 6 to 7.



Not so fast, Temple.

A while ago, on the Graveyard location, we lowered the number of units with Last Laugh quest requirement from 3 to 2, with the thought-process of encouraging more quest-tailored decks. Shortly after this change, we redesigned quite a lot of cards, and introduced some very cheap Last Laugh units. Coupled with Temple’s Cemetery Bannerman unit and general Hollow Men synergy, this pushed her a little over the edge in terms of being able to complete quests, easily completing a quest on the first, second and third turns. This resulted in some extremely early Morality 2 and 3 situations, allowing access to some of the most powerful cards in the game a little too early.

We were cautious to change it, and wanted to see how people might grow to deal with it, because the concept of a “Morality”-focused deck is a really cool concept. However, after seeing the flood of Temple decks whenever the Graveyard rolled around, we’ve decided to up the requirements of the quest. We anticipate that the deck will still be strong, but no longer as explosively fast as it was.

  • More Laughter, Please - The Sorcerer’s Apprentices quest now requires 3 Last Laugh units to be played at all levels, up from 2.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue found with some cards with Invest that could not be played when you had 6 units in play.
  • Fixed some hitboxes on buttons when switching resolutions.
  • Loading into a game should no longer cause the crash that some users were experiencing.
  • Lots of bugs surrounding friend invites have been fixed. Many of these were hard to experience, but overall everything should be a lot smoother.
  • Lots of general stability fixes.
  • Many small fixes and optimisations too trivial to list.
  • Muting Emotes now mutes Unit Emotes as well.
  • Peasants summoned by the Knight’s Evil Power no longer count towards quests that did not include units being summoned.
  • Players should now correctly be able to bring up your Hero’s emotes while your focus is on an enemy unit using a controller.
  • Rosewight Cager should no longer be able to cause a restart error when played specifically in Heroic Tales.
  • Units with race tags (Bandit, Hobbe, etc.) now correctly count towards the “Help on the Farm” quest on Oakfield.

Known Issues:


  • Within the first few hours of release, the £9.99/$12.99/€11,49 priced Starter Pack may not display correctly or be initially purchasable on some platforms. This should be fully resolved on or before Friday February 23rd.
  • After players enter the Hero League, finishing or conceding a Training game will superfluously display medals gaining or losing - this is a purely visual bug and does notaffect your Hero League medals.
  • Cancelling a friend invite while viewing Daily Bounties may cause Bounties to disappear. This is a purely visual bug, your Bounties are still there! They should return upon either closing and reopening the Bounties screen, or restarting the game.
  • Navigating between cards in your hand with a controller during Quest Selection or Quest Resolution can sometimes cause some cards to be unselectable during that phase. Moving out of this phase corrects this issue.
  • Players may see 2 lots of the same resolution when picking a resolution. They all work fine, so pick the one that feels the most right!
  • Spire Commandant sometimes may not display how much damage it deals to one player. This is a purely visual bug, however, we appreciate how frustrating this may be to play against and will be looking into a solution soon.
  • Your ally’s stat changes to cards in their hand (Gold cost, Strength and Health) may not be updating correctly.
  • There is a 21st League incorrectly displaying prior to entering the Hero League. This League is a purely visual display error and is not accessible, nor does it have any rewards (despite saying it might!).

Fable Fortune is going Free-to-Play this week!

Hello, Heroes!

We have some exciting news to share with you today, as Fable Fortune prepares to leave Early Access and the Game Preview Program, and launch itself into free-to-play with our version 1.0 release on Thursday 22nd February!


We have a lot of exciting new updates to come with the release of this update, including lots of stability and bug fixes. We should also find out what Temple and Norman are up to; and we may even see some new, but familiar faces debuting!

There's a lot of exciting updates and changes to the game to share with you, and we'll be detailing them more fully when the update releases.

Starting today, and running through until Wednesday 22nd February, Early Access players will be able to log-in and receive free Fancy cards, and even a Fancy card pack, in our Road to Release log-in event. Here’s the schedule:

  • Monday 19th February 14:00 GMT - Tuesday 20th February 14:00 GMT: Fancy Crazy Cat Lady
  • Tuesday 20th February 00:00-23:59 GMT: Fancy Restless Spirit
  • Wednesday 21st February 00:00-23:59 GMT: Fancy Bloody Augur and a Fancy Card Pack.

Be sure to log in each day to receive these very fancy rewards!

We at Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl would like to thank everyone who partook in the Early Access period, your feedback has not only been invaluable in helping us, but has also helped shape the game. Good luck in your battles as we launch into Free-to-Play later this week!

Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter for future updates.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Play the Prophet's story in Heroic Tales!


Hello, Heroes!

We're excited to announce that Sand's story has arrived in Heroic Tales! Join the Prophet's following and experience his story as he leaves the desert of Samarkand with unearthed relics and arcane old kingdom technology. Someone does not want him to succeed. Do note that you do not need to have completed Crimson's story to access this new content. All players will have access to the first challenge in each Hero's story when they become available!

We also wanted to address the error some players are encountering whereby the game freezes upon entering a game. We are aware of the issue and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are currently in the process of fixing these errors, as well as larger scale optimisations to the game, and we hope to get these fixes out to you all soon. Please bear with us as we lock down release plans around this next major update. We recognise this has been a major inconvenience to a small number of our players, and so we're sending all players 2 card packs. Between 17th January 2018 - 24th January 2018, please log in and go to "Play" to receive the packs.

Happy chicken-chasing!

- Gary "Cerith" Paskins
Game Designer @ Mediatonic

Update 0.7.0 - Heroic Tales, Emotes and more!


Hello, Heroes!

We’ve got a big one for you today, hold on to your chickens! Have you ever wondered how our Heroes came to be where they are today? Well, you can now play through Heroic Tales to learn about a Hero’s background! We kick off with Crimson’s story: the human-turned-balverine struggles with acceptance and is constantly being hunted; she’ll need to become the hunter if she wants to live.

Wanted to let your opponent or ally know how you’re feeling in battle? Maybe you need to congratulate them on a good play, or have your Hero tell one of their best jokes. What about having a unit fart whilst in play, mocking your opponent? Well, you can do all that and more with the new Emotes! Both your Hero and units have their own emotes, so play around with them all. There is also an option to mute your opponent and ally’s emotes, should they start becoming a bit insufferable.

We’re introducing a much easier way of keeping track of our updates, via our in-game News! This handy section will let you read any updates the Fortune team have to give out, as well as including all previous and (when they come out) future patch notes. If there’s any newly posted news, we’ll automatically show you the next time you log in; after that, it’ll only show again if you decide to open it yourself. You can find the News button next to the newly redesigned Daily Bounties banner on the main menu.

Finally, some minor balance changes, and an overhauled Unstable Brew await you in battle - please check the sections below for more info. We’re really excited to bring you the new Unstable Brew, we’ve been working on it for a while now!

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Our dev roadmap also has a list of upcoming features.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Features & Updates

Heroic Tales

The Training button has been replaced with a “Solo Events” button! Upon going through this new portal, you will find Training (now split into 2 handy buttons for Normal or Hard difficulties for quicker access) and Heroic Tales. You can now learn more about your favourite Heroes and how they came to where they are now by playing through their story! We’ll be rolling out different Heroes stories as time goes on, for now, please enjoy Part 1 of Crimson’s story.

When playing through a Hero’s story, you may only use decks belonging to that Hero - however, you are free to use any decks that you have built for that Hero. There’s also some rewards along the way!

  • Story Time! - Explore Crimson’s Story. More Heroes’ stories coming soon!


Bring some light-hearted fun, or throw-down with your best taunts or jokes to the game with emotes! Hero’s have a huge variety of different emotes that change with your Morality, and even have multiple different lines for the same emote. Units can sing, taunt or even fart on your command. Be sure to use them all tactically during battle.

  • Express Yourself - You can bring up a list of emotes for your Hero by right-clicking on your Hero or pressing LB while a card in your hand is highlighted.
  • Units Have Feelings Too - You can bring up a list of emotes for units by right-clicking on a unit or pressing LB while a unit is highlighted.
  • Hey Crimson, Introduce Yourself - Heroes and Bosses now have a variety of introductory messages at the start of a battle.


Up until now, to find out the latest news for Fortune, you’d have to go outside the game, now, with the introduction of News, you’ll now be able to find out all announcements from the team directly inside the game. We’ll be posting patch notes, announcements, updates and anything else that might be useful to you here.

  • In the Loop - Stay up to date with any and all Fortune news from inside the game!
  • Notice Banners - The Daily Bounties orb has been replaced with a couple of banners in the main menu. These 2 banners will bring up the News and Daily Bounties respectively.

Co-Op Boss Powers

After we ran Demon Door as a trial Co-Op boss not long ago, we got lots of feedback from the community - most notably that the Boss Power was so integral to the battle, not knowing what it was beforehand was frustrating, especially as a lot of players would not check the power once in battle either, and it was a conditional ability. We’ve now added the option for you to view a Boss’s Power before entering the battle, by viewing it on the event screen for that boss.

  • You Are Now Prepared - Boss Powers can now be viewed when looking at the Boss event screen.

Card Changes


Putting the “Unstable” and “Brew” in Unstable Brew

Unstable Brew has been completely redesigned; we wanted to have a spell that made you really feel like you were playing as a travelling alchemist salesperson, whipping up new brews on a whim when needed. This led us to this new design for Unstable Brew: the card costs 2 Gold and now reads “Conjure a custom spell. Add the first of two ingredients!”. So, what are the first ingredients you can choose from? Glad you asked!

  • Give a friendly unit +2/+2.
  • Summon two 2/2 Naive Punters.
  • Heal a character for 4.
  • Swap a unit's Strength and Health.
  • Set a unit's Strength and Health to 4.
  • Give an enemy unit -2/-2.

Conjuring 1 of the above of course means that you will be presented 3 of the 6 options, and you may choose 1 of the 3 options. So, you chose an ability, now what? The Brew returns to your hand, but it needs another ingredient… it needs something else. For another 2 Gold, you can choose another ingredient, here’s your list of potentials:

  • Transform a random enemy minion into a 1/1 Oozling.
  • Give units in your hand +1/+1.
  • Draw a card.
  • Add each Enhanced Vial to your hand.
  • Summon three 1/1 Oozlings.
  • Deal 4 damage split between enemies.

Same deal as the first ingredient, you can Conjure 1 of 3 of the second set of 6 ingredients; after selecting your second ability, the card returns to your hand, the Brew now complete! For a final 2 Gold, you can now play the combined effects in one spell! For your questing purposes, each time you choose an ingredient does count as playing a spell.

We really hope you have as much fun playing this card as we have done - lots of crazy concoctions can come out of this spell!

Card changes:

  • Unstable Brew - Redesigned to, (2) “Conjure a custom spell. Add the first of two ingredients!


The best defence is a good… defence?

Battle Medic has risen to newfound fame since her buff in one of our previous balance patches, and Rosewight Cager has always been a top performer since its release. Both of these cards offer a huge amount of value through their stats and/or abilities and are pushing out other contenders for units of similar a Gold cost. We’re lowering both of their stats ever so slightly to reduce their power a little, and open the path for other cards to be up for your consideration when building your decks.

Card changes:

  • Battle Medic - Health decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Rosewight Cager - Strength decreased from 3 to 2.

Bug Fixes

  • Blacksmith no longer incorrectly appears in the Larger Than Life quest reward selection pool.
  • Fixed an issue where you could select a button in the next screen immediately if you clicked in the right position, when entering an event.
  • Fixed some friend invite issues around people prematurely exiting setup before starting a game.
  • Fixed some visual issues when choosing an invalid deck while playing with a friend.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Rosewight Cager can cause games to cause an error in Heroic Tales. We’re not saying don’t use it for now but...
  • Some cards with Invest and Train cannot be played when you have 6 units in play. We should hopefully have a fix for this soon!
  • Some units that receive buffs while in your hand will not count towards the Oakfield quest, Help on the Farm.

Event Schedule Tweaks


Hello, Heroes!

Today we would like to announce that we are switching up the scheduling for rotating Co-Op bosses. We’ve listened to your feedback, and, starting today, Co-Op bosses will only be around for 1 week, before rotating to the next boss. We’ve adjusted rewards to accommodate for this, but we can assure you that there is no decline at all in the amount of rewards you would normally be able to earn; instead of receiving up to 2,000 Silver and 2 Card Packs over 2 weeks, you can now receive up to 1,000 Silver and 1 Card Pack every week.

As some of you may have noticed, event rewards are not currently introducing brand new cards into the pool. We're focusing our efforts on some exciting new additions to the game, but rest assured PVP rewards will enjoy a steady flow of brand new cards again once we leave Early Access. In addition to this, some familiar, often requested faces from Albion are currently in the works to join the card pool in early 2018. Please stay tuned, as we anticipate having a lot of exciting news for you in the coming months!

We are happy to announce that the Demon Door boss will be returning, now on a regular basis! Demon Door joins Nostro and the Lady of Rosewood as the 3rd Co-Op boss. We’ve done a bit of tuning since you last played it, while bearing in mind everything you, the community, said about the encounter - what you liked, what you didn’t like, that you wish you could see the Boss Power before going into the battle... Well, I’m happy to announce that with the new update coming very soon, you will be able to view Boss Powers before entering the battle! This should hopefully help people be more aware as to what they can expect from Bosses.

Expect to hear again from us soon, as we're in the process of locking down an exciting new update! Until then, good luck in your adventures, Heroes!

- Cerith

'Tis the season... for more PVP!



PVP season 5 kicks off today! Jump in and see if you can grab all the presents but be careful not to be left out in the cold. ❄️This is the last PVP season of 2017 so make it count!

As always, we've added a new brand new reward card to the mix! This time it's the Rosewight Stalker.


Often mistaken for a simple tree until it's too late, the Rosewight Stalker has cut short the lives of many weak and weary intruders in the undergrowth of Rosewood.

Let us know what you think of the new card in the comments! 

- Team Fable Fortune

PVP Season IV has begun!



Venture into the beautiful village of Oakfield for the new PVP season! Will you fill your table with a bountiful harvest or end up stealing someone else's table scraps?

This is a new location with new quests! Oakfield was added in Update 0.6.1 and we've added a new reward card to the mix: the Founder.


Little is known about where the Founders came from or why, but tales tell of them sharing their magic with those that prove worthy!

Let us know what you think of the new Oakfield location and Founder card in the comments! 
- Team Fable Fortune