Update 0.6.0 Notes

Hello, Heroes!

Today we’re taking steps to ensure that even the newest of Heroes stand a fighting chance in battle. Players can now learn the basics of combat through a 3-battle tutorial, covering basic attacks, Guarding, Hero Powers and Morality. There’s also a showdown with a most fowl foe in a brand new location!


You should probably dust off your pennants and pig-armour as we’re gearing up to reveal some exciting changes to Marshall the Knight. Towards the end of October we’ll be starting a spoiler week, releasing the new changes day-by-day before allowing everyone to unleash some new and improved peasant-based carnage onto the battlefield.

Finally, congratulations to all who cleared the Demon Door! We’ve heard your feedback regarding the displaying of the Boss Hero Power, and we’ll be looking into it for future bosses. We hope you enjoyed the change of pace for this encounter as much as we enjoyed designing it!

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Our dev roadmap also has a list of upcoming features.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Features & Updates:


Learn the basics of the game by battling against the Guildmaster! The tutorial will appear for all players on your first log in of this patch. You will have the option to skip all tutorial battles immediately if you wish to do so, but whether you’re a first time player or a veteran of the game, we would greatly appreciate your feedback!

  • Play your cards right - All players will now be presented with a set of tutorial battles when first playing the game.


New Cards:

A new season, and new co-op events means new cards! We’ll collate them here for now - did you manage to get any? What’s your favourite event card so far? Let us know in the comments!

  • Crazy Cat Lady - (5) 0/2, “Big Entrance: Summon three 2/1 Fluffy Cats.”
  • Double Agent - (5) 5/5, “Big Entrance: Give units in your hand and your opponent's hand +1/+1.”
  • Soul Sucker - (5) 2/2, “Big Entrance: Summon a copy of another unit, then set its Strength and Health to 1.”

Bug Fixes:

  • Rosewood had some sneaky flowers poking through some UI elements. We’ve trimmed the environment a bit.
  • Some Fancy units have had their visual effects tweaked and should look much better in battles now.
  • The Guildmaster’s Hero Power now has its own icon.

Known Issues:

  • When using the Guard button for the first time during the first tutorial, there is a 2-3 second delay before the button actually activates after it asks you to press it.