0.6.1 Update Patch Notes

Update 0.6.1.png

Hello, Heroes!

Two exciting updates heading your way for this patch! The first of which is the eagerly awaited Knight Rework. Despite dominating the PVP Leagues, we’ve held off on making any sweeping changes or nerfs because we felt that a fundamental rethink on how the Hero plays was the best long-term solution; and we’re now happy to share the results with you.

The rework has seen us focus in more on the “building an army” side of Marshall’s character, whether through summoning bulky units who specialise in defence, or playing as many smaller units to the board as you can. Ultimately this rework opens up much more design space for the Hero, and far more tools for you to play around with; we’re looking forward to seeing the new decks and tactics that are sure to follow. Let us know what your favourite new cards are!

In case you missed it, you can check out more in-depth thoughts on the design process of the Knight rework over on the Fable Fortune Reddit, where we done a series of daily posts revealing some cards, you can check them out here: Day 1Day 2, and Day 3.

We’re rapidly reaching the end of the current PVP season for the month, and we’re happy to announce that next month’s PVP season will take place in a brand new location, among the bountiful harvests of Oakfield! 

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Our dev roadmap[www.fable-fortune.com] also has a list of upcoming features.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

New Environment: Oakfield:

The next PVP season will take place in Oakfield! The quest objectives that will be available on this location will be:

  • Play 2 units with Safeguard.

  • Play 3 units with greater Health than Strength.

  • Play 2 spells that cost 4 or more.

The Quest Reward cards are (in order):

  • (3) Fully heal a unit and give it +2 Strength this turn.

  • (1) Conjure a spell that costs 4 or more.

  • (5) Deal 10 damage randomly split between ALL units.

We plan to bring a new co-op boss to Oakfield in the future, but in this (relative) peace-time we encourage you to open up a barrel of scrumpy, find a warm patch of grass, and enjoy the harvest festivities...


Card Changes:


The infamous Knight Rework is here

To kick things off, let’s talk about the Knight’s new keyword ability: Train. When you play a unit with Train, or apply a Train effect to another unit, you will be able to choose one ability from this list of three to apply to that unit:

  • On summon, gain +1 Strength.

  • At the start of your turn, gain Guard.

  • Has +2 Strength during your opponent’s turn.

This should give players a lot more options when playing as the Knight, allowing them to rise to any challenge!
The new Hero powers move away from the current Peasant Medics and Sappers, in favour of a Guard-centric Good power, and Training Peasants on the Evil power. We’ve moved the art of the Medics and Sappers to be variants to the Trained Peasants on the Hero Power.
There’s a whole suite of changes to units - too many to note up here, so take look below, head on into your card collection and put together some new decks!
Any cards that have been changed will have the usual 2 weeks grace period, where you can salvage the card for the full 100% original ink cost.

Hero Power changes:

  • Enrollment (Neutral) - Still summons a 1/1 Peasant. Peasants are now Lazy and cannot Guard the turn they are summoned.

  • Recruitment (Good) - Redesigned to: “Summon a 1/1 Lazy Peasant. Give a random friendly unit in Guard +1/+1.”

  • Conscription (Evil) - Redesigned to: “Summon and Train a Lazy 1/1 Peasant.”

Rule changes:

  • Angry Mob - Now costs 4 Gold, up from 2. Now reads, “Summon and Train two Lazy 1/1 Peasants.”

  • Battle Swine - Redesigned to (6), 5/5, “Big Entrance: Give adjacent units Deflect.”

  • Blacksmith - Redesigned to (5), 3/5, “Big Entrance: Give another friendly unit Deflect and Guard.”

  • Boardoazer - Redesigned to (6), 5/5, “After another friendly unit attacks, deal 1 damage to your opponent.”

  • Guard Pig - Redesigned to (4) 4/5 “Big Entrance: Gain Guard.”

  • Hearty Breakfast - Redesigned to (2), “Give a unit +3 Strength this turn.”

  • Inga - Redesigned to, “Big EntranceTrain this unit. Safeguard: Gain Deflect.” Stats unchanged.

  • Knighthood - Redesigned to, “Give a friendly unit Deflect and Train it.” Cost unchanged.

  • Master of Bacon - Redesigned to (1), 1/3, “After you summon a unit, gain +1 Strength this turn.”

  • Puncture - Redesigned to (2), “Deal 2 damage to an enemy unit. If it's damaged, deal 4 damage instead.”

  • Ride Them Down - Redesigned to (5), “Destroy all enemy units with 2 or less Strength.”

  • Sergeant of the Shovel - Redesigned to (3), “Big EntranceTrain this unit.” Stats unchanged.

  • Standard Bearer - Redesigned to (2), 0/3, “After you summon a unit, give it +1 Strength.”

Balance changes:

  • Big Pig - Now costs 6 Gold, up from 5. Strength increased from 4 to 5, Health reduced from 6 to 5.

  • Muster - No longer summons a Peasant and now gives all units in your hand +1 Strength, as opposed to giving one unit +1/+1. Cost unchanged.

  • Vigilante Justice - Now costs 2 Gold, up from 1.

  • Wild Swing - Now costs 4 Gold, up from 2.

And for reference...

Unchanged cards:

  • All Peasant and Correct 

  • Rally the Troops

  • Self Defence Training

  • Veteran Battler


Bug Fixes:

  • After entering the Hero League, the Medals screen could sometimes show after the Training victory sequence (although it was purely visual, no medals were gained or lost). This is no longer the case.

  • Cleared up the messaging around attempting to summon a unit onto an already full board.