Event Schedule Tweaks


Hello, Heroes!

Today we would like to announce that we are switching up the scheduling for rotating Co-Op bosses. We’ve listened to your feedback, and, starting today, Co-Op bosses will only be around for 1 week, before rotating to the next boss. We’ve adjusted rewards to accommodate for this, but we can assure you that there is no decline at all in the amount of rewards you would normally be able to earn; instead of receiving up to 2,000 Silver and 2 Card Packs over 2 weeks, you can now receive up to 1,000 Silver and 1 Card Pack every week.

As some of you may have noticed, event rewards are not currently introducing brand new cards into the pool. We're focusing our efforts on some exciting new additions to the game, but rest assured PVP rewards will enjoy a steady flow of brand new cards again once we leave Early Access. In addition to this, some familiar, often requested faces from Albion are currently in the works to join the card pool in early 2018. Please stay tuned, as we anticipate having a lot of exciting news for you in the coming months!

We are happy to announce that the Demon Door boss will be returning, now on a regular basis! Demon Door joins Nostro and the Lady of Rosewood as the 3rd Co-Op boss. We’ve done a bit of tuning since you last played it, while bearing in mind everything you, the community, said about the encounter - what you liked, what you didn’t like, that you wish you could see the Boss Power before going into the battle... Well, I’m happy to announce that with the new update coming very soon, you will be able to view Boss Powers before entering the battle! This should hopefully help people be more aware as to what they can expect from Bosses.

Expect to hear again from us soon, as we're in the process of locking down an exciting new update! Until then, good luck in your adventures, Heroes!

- Cerith