0.4.1 Update Patch Notes

Hello, Heroes!

A short and sweet update for you all. We’ve been listening to your feedback around conceding not giving rewards, and as of today’s 0.4.1 update conceding will now give XP and Silver at the same rate as if you had lost the match. We understand that sometimes you just want to get out of a losing game and into the next one as fast as possible, and we don’t want you to feel like you’re getting punished for doing so.

You will still not earn any Medals or Seals if you concede, and you will still lose Medals for conceding while in the Hero League. This is to prevent any potential abuse of this system in order to climb through the Leagues by chaining together rapid concessions.

I also wanted to let you know that we’re looking into a couple of prevalent ‘Uh Oh’ errors that have arisen since the 0.4 update. These are our highest priority issues right now so I hope to have an update on them for you really soon.

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think and keep an eye out http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter for future updates.

Happy chicken chasing!

- Tom “Wimbles” Wimbush, Lead Designer (Mediatonic)

Features & Updates:

Rewards from Conceding:

  • Consolation Prize - Conceding now rewards you with the same amount of Silver/XP as if you had lost that match.
  • No Cheating - You still won’t gain Medals or Seals for conceding. Conceding in the Hero League still causes you to lose Medals.