1.0.1 Balance Update Patch Notes


Hello, Heroes!

Today we’re bringing you a small patch, but it’s something we’ve been excited to share that didn’t quite make it in for the 1.0 patch: we’ve redesigned Spire Commandant and Colin Mk 2! Fret not, Colin hasn’t changed too much; but Spire Commandant is definitely more shocking now.

As a reminder, starting today you can earn double Silver until Monday! So don’t let us stop you; go play some games, earn some Silver, and buy lots of packs! With any chance you’ll get one of the 2 aforementioned cards to play around with...

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Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)

Card & Balance Changes


Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

We’ve always wanted Spire Commandant to be a super cool, lightning bolt, spell-slinging Fabled card, with a payoff for playing lots of spells, however, previous designs never quite hit the power point we were looking for. Spire Commandant now stores up energy for each spell played by any player, unleashing a fury of lightning bolts upon death based on the number of spells played while he was in play. Playing with Spire Commandant should encourage you to get as many spells off as possible in a single turn, whereas playing against him you’ll want to try and destroy him by playing as few spells as you can - preferably destroying him with units. We think that the new Spire Commandant is a very cool card for both players in a game to play around with.

Colin Mk 2 is a decent card, but often the minutiae of all rules and circumstances around its shifting Strength made it pretty confusing. Ultimately, we want Colin to be a great payoff card for players looking to keep as many cards in their hand as possible, and straightforward for all players to understand easily, so we’ve shifted the ability to be a Big Entrance, gaining Strength for each card in your hand when he’s played as a permanent buff effect. The tradeoff comes with losing 1 point of health, but we anticipate Colin will still be a great inclusion (perhaps even better now) for the decks that are looking to maximise the number of cards in their hand.

Both of these cards will be subject to their full salvage value for the next 2 weeks.

Card changes:

  • Colin Mk 2 - Redesigned to 5g, 0/6, “Big Entrance: Gain +1 Strength for each card in your hand.”
  • Spire Commandant - Redesigned to 8g, 7/7, “Last Laugh: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy. Repeat for each spell played while this was in play.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fancy Crowd’s Favourite now correctly gains +5/+5 when you have 5 other units in play.

Known Issues:

  • Most known issues can be found in the previous v1.0 patch notes.
  • There are some situations where Theresa’s aura does not work as intended. We’re looking into a fix to ensure she remains a force to be reckoned with.