SPECIAL PVP EVENT - 19-23rd April


Hello Heroes!

Last weekend, mustachioed duels dominated Albion with our double experience special PVP debut weekend!

Continuing our April events with a third active mode - this weekend, we’re kicking off another special rule PVP arena with another thematically appropriate reward!

It will be running from April 19th through until April 23rd and keeping our silly streak going, we’re excited to debut…




Our next PVP event puts your fate in the paws of the Fluffy Cats of Doom. Whenever a unit you play from your hand dies, summon a Fluffy Cat. Upon dying, the Fluffy Cat deals 2 damage to the enemy Hero.

Whether you love cats or hate them, this event encourages you to make use of the uniquely weaponised moggys to bring ruin onto your opponents.

Tame the ferocious felines and win a game under this ruleset to win your very own Crazy Cat Lady card!


Moustaches and cats… whatever next? Watch this space for announcements on the forthcoming events.
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