SPECIAL PVP EVENT - 26-30th April


Hello Heroes!

Following on from moustaches and fluffy cats, we’re continuing our themed April events with a third active mode - the next special rule PVP arena shakes up a more fundamental rule of the game!

It will be running from April 26th through until April 30th.



This PVP event loads you and your opponent with 10 gold from the very first turn! Splash your cash with no slow build up of gold standing in the way of those late game power plays!

To reward your reckless expenditure, one win in this mode will award you with a Bank Clerk. As a card that transforms with morality, you can decide if you use your newfound fiscal prowess for good or evil…

We’re still cooking up new event rules and are open to community suggestions for modes you’d like to see, so get in touch and let us know as well as following future announcements on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter