1.0.3 Update Patch Notes


Hello, Heroes!

Today brings a patch with lots of quality-of-life updates. We’ve got increased deck slots, to number of cards in decks, to a slicker crafting process! For a full list of changes, please see the detailed changes listed below.

There are no balance changes for this season. Barter has calmed down a bit in terms of meta-dominance since our last patch, and we’re still keeping an eye on things. Marshal seems to be making some newfound waves with the bulkier peasants the Evil hero power now offers, and we’re excited to see continued exploration of the Knight! Next up is the Graveyard, make sure to play to unlock the new card for this season, which you can find below.

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Happy chicken chasing!

- Gary “Cerith” Paskins, Game Designer (Mediatonic)


New Upcoming PVP Reward Card


Let us ask you something: would you get in the way of someone who carries around an army of bees? No, we didn’t think so. Potentially having a whopping 5 Strength for 2 gold, get in the way of this beekeeper and you’ll be sure to feel the sting.

New Card:

  • Oakfield Beekeeper - 2g, 3/2, “At the start of your turn, gain +2 Strength this turn if an enemy unit is in Guard.”


Heroic Tales: Knight:

Lead the charge of peasants and pigs alike, riding your finest Battleswine at the head of the charge in a battle for the common people! The nobility has always had it in for the upstart peasant-playing-knight, but this series of battles will offer some insight into humble beginnings and grand ambitions of the former pig farmer.

  • Attennn-tion! - Marshal’s Heroic Tale is now available!

Deck Slots:

Between the changing locations of PVP, weekly rotating Co-Op bosses and the new weekend events, we appreciate there are a lot of decks you might want to play with. With this in mind, we’ve tripled the amount of deck slots available to all players. Go and get deck building, you creative people!

  • So many deck slots! - Players now have 24 deck slots.
  • Deck Pages - Players switch between 3 pages, each displaying 8 decks, when selecting which deck to play.
  • Housekeeping - Decks on the deck select screen are now ordered in the order you created them.


Cards in Decks & Opponent’s Hand:

We’re happy to bring to you today an oft-requested feature: that of being able to see, in raw numbers, how many cards are remaining in players’ decks, and the number of cards in your opponent’s hand.

We have a few things we’d like to build on here, such as your ally’s remaining cards in Co-Op, easily displaying the number of cards in your hand, and enabling opponent’s hand information on Xbox One, so please let us know your feedback on these features and we’ll take them into consideration. We thought we’d get out the changes we had already, though, because of how useful they are.

  • Deck Depth - Hovering your cursor over a player’s deck (mouse input), or by holding LT (controller input) now displays how many cards are remaining in decks.
  • Hand Span - Hovering your cursor over your opponent’s hand displays how many cards are in their hand (mouse input only; coming to controller specific UI).


Simplified Crafting & Salvaging:

Crafting has always felt a bit sluggish and convoluted, as well as showing the defunct items on the crafting screen. We’ve completely removed the crafting screen, in favour of the crafting button now simply prompting you to confirm if you wish to craft the card, and then doing so without leaving that screen. Likewise, we have also removed the salvaging screen, in favour of the salvage button now prompting you whether you’d like to salvage the card with the lowest experience.

Additionally, we have added a much clearer representation of how much ink cards cost to craft, and how much ink players will get for salvaging a card. All of the above can be found on the card inspect screen.

  • Surface Info - Crafting and salvaging ink values of cards are now clearly displayed when inspecting a card.
  • Fast-Track Crafting - Crafting a card no longer takes you to the (now gone) crafting screen, and will craft the card after confirming.
  • Smart Salvage - Salvaging cards now automatically salvages the lowest experience card (after confirming), without you having to manually sift through them on the (now gone) salvage screen.