SPECIAL PVP EVENT - May 31st - June 4th


Hello Heroes!

This week marks our 8th consecutive special rule PVP arena in a row! The Xbox Live Deals with Gold sale is ongoing, and check back in tomorrow for another exciting announcement!

The next footloose, fancy free event we have lined up takes us into June, running from May 31st through to June 4th.


Lace things up with a tidy victory in this mode and you’ll earn the Brightlodge Sentry!

How have you been enjoying our events PVP? We’re going to re-run them with alternate prizes to give anyone who missed out a chance to experience these game changers, but we’re still open to suggestion for further rules!

Ping us your suggestions and keep up to date with forthcoming events and prizes on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter.