1.1.0 Update Notes


Hello Heroes!

As we enter June, we’re here with a small update for those seeking their Fable Fortune! Alongside our PVP event schedule and some exciting upcoming events, this update brings the following:



Up to now, our only bespoke deal other than buying card packs directly was our high value ‘Starter Pack’. Today, we’re excited to introduce a new one available to users who have purchased the ‘Starter Pack’!

Our Albion All Stars bundle will let you take your card collection a step further, containing 30 card packs and a selection of 6 high rarity iconic cards!

Chosen for both their exciting gameplay prospects as well as giving some representation to some familiar but lesser known faces of the Fable franchise, our All Stars Bundle includes:

  • - Scythe, from Fable (Fabled rarity)
  • - Earth Troll, from Fable: The Journey (Mythic rarity)
  • - Lord of Bowerlake, a Fortune morality card (Mythic rarity)
  • - Colin Mk 2, from Fable 3 (Epic rarity)
  • - Banshee, from Fable 2 (Epic rarity)
  • - Rosewood Ogre, from Fable Legends (Epic rarity)

Find it in the ‘FEATURED BUNDLE’ slot of the in game store, for £19.99 / $24.99 / €21,49.



As previously mentioned, some players had reported encountering cheaters in the game, They bypassed summoning sickness, allowing units without Rush to attack on the turn they were played.

We attempted to resolve this initially via banning users, but as users created new accounts, we were aware a more robust solution was required.

Safeguards against the believed method of cheating have been added, with this update. Please remain vigilant and let our customer support know if you encounter users who you believe to be cheating!



We’ve closed out another PVP season, the Grave Dispute of Lichfield is settled! June sees the kick off of the new season in Rosewood - get ready for some Wooden Warfare! Play your cards right and you can earn yourself a crackshot Hobbe Sniper!

New Card:

  • Hobbe Sniper- 1g, 1/1, “Big Entrance: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy unit”.



As per usual, the update comes with a healthy amount of bug fixing and stability.


On top of this, we have some exciting new events planned so watch this space for more details over the next week! Keep up to date with all things Fable Fortune on http://www.fable-fortune.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter.