1.1.1 Update Notes


Hello Heroes!

Have you been enjoying the special rule PVP events and collecting up all the prize cards? How goes progress towards your brand new Hobbe Sniper in July’s PVP league?

Today’s update brings further single player offerings of Fortune, with a hefty dose of challenge and a chance to get to know Albion’s favourite Alchemist a little better!


HEROIC TALES: Alchemist:

Find out the humble beginnings of Miracle’s enterprises, with all the trials and tribulations of establishing a successful stable snake oil business! Can you concoct the perfect plays to see a humble business lady through the woes of debt?


If you haven’t yet, check out Heroic Tales for all available characters! It not only gives a little background and insight on the playable Fortune Heroes but really offers an extreme challenge!

By the last battle, you’ll need some very tailored decks and tactics to see it all through!

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