August PVP and Special Rules Season 3


Hey Heroes!

A new month is here, kicking off a new rotation of the Hero League in the Crucible. Get ready for Arena Fever!
Perform well and you'll walk away with a brand new card, the Shadow Drinker! After our more humanoid shadows, this newcomer is doing a convincing and terrifying Balverine impression with a unique ability that will truly vomit forth the night.

AUGUST PVP REWARD: Shadow Drinker - 6g, 4/4, "After you play a unit, transform it into a 4/4 Shadow."

In addition to this, we're excited to announce a 3rd season of the special rule PVP event arenas across August and September. Whilst up to now, we've always kept our rewards neutral, we're turning our sights on the champions themselves.

Specifically, we'll be getting started with the exciting morality transformation cards. The current schedule will be:

2 Aug - 6 Aug
Bristling with Rage
REWARD: Lab Assistant

9 Aug - 13 Aug
Fluffy Cats of Doom
REWARD: Timber Guardian

16 Aug - 20 Aug
To the Max
REWARD: Crypt Ghoul

23 Aug - 27 Aug
Pure and Corrupt

30 Aug - 3 Sep
Humble Beginnings
REWARD: Intrepid Lookout

6 Sep - 10 Sep
REWARD: Stone Disciple

13 Sep - 17 Sep
Get Richer Quicker

20 Sep - 24 Sep
REWARD: Wild Rend


You may notice after the 6 transforming Hero units, we are making a start on Hero specific spells! There's likely to be a continuation of this when we hit October!

As always, sound off in the comments to let us know what you think. And keep an eye out on, as well as our Facebook and Twitter.