An Ode to the Scroll

Apparently scrolling is all the rage

(on the right hand side of this page)

mouse wheel is working as intended

but this scroll bar being dragged - has it been implemented?

perhaps this just needs to be a really long post

perhaps the little scroller has given up the ghost

in any case, time to make this post as long as I can

so that I can test the little scroller on a longer span

of text, and more text, lines as far as you can see

or at least as much as I can tolerate (it is...past three?)

a welcome escape from the issue, to be sure!

but I would like to continue with some tests, and write this no more.

and so it will end

what a post has been penned

time to test the scroll on the right

it is almost evening time, so I bid you 'Good Night'.