5 Home Technology Tips

If you’re curious about how technology can change your home life, continue reading to discover a few home technology tips, which will help you update your home. So that you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of the latest home technologies.

5 Home Technology Tips:

Use smart lightbulbs in your home:

If you’d love to be able to turn your lights on and off without having to get out of bed or off your sofa, it’s well worth purchasing a few smart lightbulbs. Which you’ll be able to turn on and off using an app on your phone. If you have a smart home assistant such as a Google Home device or an Amazon Alexa device, you’ll also be able to use voice recognition in order to turn your lights on and off.

As an example, if you accidentally leave your lounge lights on and are in bed, you’ll be able to turn off your lounge lights, without having to get out of bed.

Invest in a home assistant device:

Home assistant devices such as Google Home are now affordably priced, so if you’d like to be able to make calls without pushing a single button on your smart phone and to play music using voice recognition software, it’s well worth purchasing an inexpensive home assistant device. You’ll even be able to ask your chosen device what the time is, what the temperature is and how long it will take you to drive to work.

Replace your curtains with electric blinds:

Imagine never having to close your curtains again. If you choose to replace your curtains with electric blinds, you’ll even be able to set up your smart curtains to close at the same time each day. As an example, you may want to set up your bedroom curtains in order to automatically open at 7am, when it’s time for you to get out of bed. As being woken up by natural sunlight, is a much more pleasant experience than being woken up by an annoying smart phone alarm, which you’ll grow to hate.

Invest in a smart fridge:

Did you know that you can invest in a smart fridge which can send you photos of the inside of your fridge when you’re at your local grocery store? This is a particularly handy feature if you can never remember which products you still have left in your fridge and which products you need to replace. Smart fridges also have the ability to display shopping lists and recipes on their electronic displays, which you may also find incredibly handy.

Purchase a robot vacuum cleaner:

While a robot vacuum cleaner may not fully replace your current vacuum cleaner, if you’d like your lounge and hallways to remain as clean as possible between traditional vacuuming sessions, it’s a great idea to invest in a fun robot vacuum cleaner. Especially if you hate vacuum cleaning.

So if you’d love to be able to make your life a little easier, using the latest home technologies, hopefully you found some of the information which was listed above useful.

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