A Handy Guide To The World of Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune is a beautifully animated card based battle game which takes place in the Fable universe. If you’re interested in learning about the world of Fable Fortune, simply continue reading.

A handy guide to the world of Fable Fortune:

Fable Fortune trailer:

If you want to enjoy a glimpse of Fable Fortune’s stunning artwork, high quality graphics and spectacular characters, it’s well worth watching a Fable Fortune trailer. Which will give you a sneak peek into the beautiful world of Fable Fortune and the one of a kind Fable artwork, which online reviewers rave about.

Fable playing cards:

When you first start playing Fable Fortune your number one goal will be to collect as many rare, high powered character cards as possible. As the key to winning as many card battles as you can, is to build an invincible team of heroes. Who’ll be able to compete against any opponent. It’s well worth collecting a diverse set of cards as each character offers unique abilities and as different players use different strategies, it’s great to have a diverse deck of characters to work with. So that you’ll be ready for any situation.

Stack your deck with heroes and villains:

In order to create a well balanced team of skilled characters, your best strategy will be to include both Fable heroes and villains in your deck. As even if you’d prefer to play with a team which only features heroes, some of the villains in Fable Fortune boast strong powers, which are well worth experimenting with.

Take part in single player battles and co-op battles:

One of the reasons why Fable Fortune is so popular is that you’ll e able to compete in standard player vs player battles as well as co-op battles. So if you’re looking for a card based game which you’ll be able to play with your online friends, it’s definitely well worth testing out Fable Fortune. Especially as not many card games offer innovative co-op gameplay.

Experiment with each character’s special abilities:

To decide which characters are your go to characters in battle, it’s a great idea to test out each new character who you collect. To find out what there special ability is and how you can use it to your advantage. You may find that some abilities work better with your favorite strategies, than other abilities. As an example, while your friend may enjoy using a particular character’s special ability, you may find the same character’s special ability useless, with your particular style of play.

Fable Fortune boasts well loved characters from the Fable universe:

If you’ve played previous Fable titles, you’ll instantly recognize most of the characters who you’ll be able to collect, from past Fable games. If you’ve played past Fable games you may enjoy trying to collect your favorite Fable characters from each game in the franchise. As well as your favorite villains from each title.

So if you were curious about playing Fable Fortune and like the idea of playing a Fable universe focused card game, hopefully you’ve discovered a few key tips which will help you get off to a great start!

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