Gaming Technology Innovation

If you’re passionate about the future of the gaming industry and are interested in reading about some of the latest gaming innovations which will take the world by storm in the coming years, simply continue reading. To discover a handy gaming technology innovation guide.

Gaming Technology Innovation:

Head tracking software:

In the coming years head tracking software will become more prevalent in the VR gaming industry. So if you’re interested in playing highly immersive, realistic games which rely on VR technology instead of traditional hand held consoles, expect to see head tracking software games, in upcoming VR games in the next few years. Which will add to the realism of the games which you choose to play.

Voice recognition:

You’ll also notice that voice reignotion systems will be integrated into new video games. Which will allow you to use your voice to respond to in game characters. Instead of selecting an option using your gaming console’s controller. Voice recognition is expected to change the way that users play adventure games, RPG games and games which heavily rely on storytelling. Such as The Witcher and the Assassin’s Creed Games. All of which feature complex storylines and decisions which can change the path of the characters which you control.

Facial recognition systems:

Also expect next generation consoles to offer facial recognition systems.

Wearable accessories:

While VR headsets are becoming more and more commonplace in the gaming industry, in the future expect to see VR gloves, vests and glasses being sold. As technology is currently being developed in order to integrate wearable accessories into the latest VR games. So if you’d like to be able to feel the items in the worlds which you explore, it’s definitely well worth keeping an eye out for VR gloves. Which will allow you to feel the sensation of touching a wall or holding a sword.

Cloud based systems:

If you’ve been a gamer for a fairly long period of time, you’ll know how frustrating it can be working with a console which has a limited amount of storage space. Especially as the latest games require a lot of storage space. Especially compared to games which were developed a few years ago. Thankfully in the near future cloud based systems will be used to save games. So you won’t need to save all of your games’ progress on a physical console. Which will allow you to download as many games as you’d like, without worrying about filling up your console’s hard drive.

More advanced VR headsets:

Chances are high that by now, you’ve tried at least one VR headset. Whether you’ve tried a VR headset at an expo or you’ve purchased a Play Station branded VR headset, expect headsets in a year or two to surpass the headsets which are currently available. Which is great news if you’re excited about getting to explore large open worlds, using a VR headset an are excited about the next generation headsets which will be compatible with Play Station and Xbox’s up and coming next generation consoles.

So if you’re passionate about the future of gaming and spend a lot of your free time playing video games, hopefully you’re excited about some of the gaming updates which will change next generation consoles for the better.

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