The Top Tech Gadgets of 2020

If you love purchasing new gadgets which will make your life a little easier, it’s well worth purchasing some of the advanced tech gadgets which are listed below.

The Top Tech Gadgets of 2020:

The WAKEup self cleaning water bottle:

The WAKEup self cleaning water bottle features a built in ultraviolet light which will kill any bacteria which has been growing in your smart drink bottle. So if you’re concerned that your dishwasher isn’t doing a through job when it comes to throughly washing your water bottle, it’s well worth investing in a WAKEup self cleaning water bottle. The water bottle of the future, which eliminates 99% of potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and mould.

The Ultion SMART Lock:

The Ultion SMART Lock features an 11 pin internal system, which means that there are over 294,000 possible passwords which you can set. Better yet, if your smart lock senses that it is being hacked it will automatically activate its lockdown mode. Which will ensure that your valuables will stay safe.

 One of the Ultion SMART Lock’s coolest features is that you’ll be able to set it up with your virtual home assistant, so that when certain individuals walk past it will either lock or unlock. As an example, you can set up your smart lock, so that when you walk close to your smart lock with your smart phone, it will automatically unlock. Which is a handy feature.

Lastly, if you’re worried about aesthetics the Ultion SMART Lock is sleek and stylish. Which is great news if you don’t want an ugly oversized lock on one of your doors.

The Logitech Stream Cam:

If you’re interested in streaming on Twitch or YouTube or recording YouTube videos, you may want to invest in purchasing a Logitech Steam Cam. As it records footage at 1080p and offers an AI face tracker. Which will ensure that your camera always focuses on your face and that your face remains clear and visible, throughout your livestream. If you sometimes stream or record during the day, you’re also in luck as the Logitech Stream Cam also offers an auto-exposure feature, which is handy if there is sun in your recording room.

If you use Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, you’re also in luck as the Logitech Stream Cam is also able to record in 9:16. Which is ideal for Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.


POCKETALK is a small, hand held translation device, which is capable of quickly and effortlessly translating your voice into one of 74 unique languages. So if you don’t want language barrier to get into the way of having a conversation with someone who speaks a different language, it’s well worth purchasing the POCKETALK. Especially if you travel on a regular basis and want to be able to easily get around a country, where English is not the official language.

So if you’re a huge fan of new technology and love purchasing the latest gadgets, it’s definitely well worth purchasing some of the advanced gadgets which are listed above.

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